History of the SA Hackney Horse Breeders' Society

The old South African Hackney Horse Society was established in 1906, but fell into neglect and was disbanded in 1948.

However, after a lapse of many years, a small band of lovers of this old breed gathered to revive the association and again promote the interests of the Hackney. Among the group of men who attended the first informal gathering were several whose fathers and in some instances grandfathers, were fanciers of the Hackney Horse and who were responsible for the early import of hackney from England.

On February 6, 1962, the Society was incorporated in terms of Act no. 28 of 1957. A great number of pure bred Hackney Horses, who could have appeared in the Studbook but for failure on the part of their owners to have made the necessary application, were examined by the Society's inspectors, most were found eligible and registered as Hackney Foundation Stock.

Most Hackney owners and breeders have become members, and the few owners and breeders who have not yet joined the Society, are invited to do so now, to enable membership to be brought up to full strength.

The Society has members all over the Republic of South Africa, but there seem to be a concentration of breeders and owners in the Southern part of South Africa.


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