Breed Conformation of the Hackney Horse

A modern Hackney Horse should be a fairly short-legged, powerful animal, which may stand anything above 14 to about 15.3 hands high. Only in exceptional instances can the Hackney type be preserved in all its truth and purity beyond this height.

The coloring of the Hackney Horse may weary but the most common are bay, brown, black and chestnut. Piebald, skewbald and palomino are not accepted. White markings on the feet are frequently seen, four white feet are highly valued.

The head and neck should be well sprung from the shoulders. The head should not be over-small, be fairly broad between the eyes, but nevertheless should not lack refinement. the eyes must be full and bright and the ears pointed, not too long, but very active. The neck ought to be light and fine as it approaches the head.

These horses are capable of maintaining an average speed of 19-24 km/ hour at a trot, they have excellent endurance, longevity, stamina and courage.






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