History of the Hackney Breed in South Africa

The Hackney Horse has a relatively long history in South Africa, but the early imports weren't very well recorded. Apparently they were imported as far back as 1792 by the Dutch East Indian Company. In his book "points of the Horse" Captain MH Hayes makes reference to the subject of the South African horses. He says: "Mr Duncan Hutcheon, who is the Colonial Veterinary Surgeon, tells us in his interesting pamphlet "Military Horses and how to Breed Them" that in 1792 eight stud horses were imported from England" They are believed to have been of the early English Roadster breed.

When the first edition of the Stud Book was published in 1906, nine stallions and eight mares were registered. The breeding of these horses were very successful as in edition 30 of 1958, there were 301 registered stallions and 430 mares.








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